At the core of our business there’s a high-quality production of three lines of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP creams: natural, porcini mushrooms flavored, and white truffle flavored. We exclusively use the finest raw ingredients.


Born in 1998 in the Reggio Apennines’ hills, T.F.A. (Trasformazione Formaggi e Alimentari, Cheese and Food Processing) is a small family-run business. In this frame surrounded by nature, where the culinary tradition is rich in various delicious recipes, we have always been happy to contribute.

Therefore, we have specialized in cheese making and processing, selecting first choice, certified, and guaranteed ingredients. Besides, we have been following a controlled production process at every stage to provide excellent food. Thanks to our passion and determination, we have been able to create an entire range of spreadable creams whose main ingredient is the King of Cheese, namely Parmigiano Reggiano.

In 1998 we created Carpinello, the first Parmigiano Reggiano cream, which is the result of passion, tradition, and love evolved over time.


Our connection with this fine cheese has been passed on from father to son since 1950. At the time, our family was already dealing with Parmigiano Reggiano ripening and trading in a small Matildic village on the hills of Reggio Emilia, Carpineti, from which our product takes its name.

Parmigiano Reggiano

We could say we have reinvented eight centuries of dairy processing methods by presenting a very well-known and appreciated product worldwide, in a new, modern, and appetizing way.

We actually offer three categories of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP creams: classic, chef, and premium, each available in a natural version, porcini mushrooms flavored, and white truffle flavored. Their original, harmonious, and intense taste is the best to give a pleasant flavor to pasta, risotto or soup, as a pairing to canapés and sandwiches, or as a fondue to spread on vegetables.

We buy raw materials from the best dairies in the Reggio Apennines. Thanks to its climate and morphological characteristics, it is one of the most suitable environments for Parmigiano Reggiano production. This way, through our processing methods, we can offer some unique food with an unmistakable taste, perfect for true cheese lovers.


Love is the engine of every life circumstance. We strongly believe that without it no great or small mission can be accomplished. For this reason, we want to put in our work the love that has always strengthened and connected our family. We would like you to fall in love with our product, namely a set of sacrifices, passion, love, and emotions.

– Carpinello Team