Our company

At the core of our business there’s a high quality production of three lines of Parmigiano Reggiano cream: natural, porcini mushrooms flavored and white truffle flavored, made from the best and fine raw ingredients.

Our history

Born in 1998 and framed by the nature of Reggio’s Apennines, where traditional food can be found in delicious recipes, T.F.A. (Trasformazione Formaggi Alimentari) is a small business for which we have always been happy to contribute.

We specialized in the transformation and processing of cheeses, making sure our products are certified as a high quality first choice and following a controlled production process at every stage to provide excellent food. Our passion and determination lead us to create an entire range of spreadable creams with the King of Cheeses as the main ingredient: Parmigiano Reggiano.


Parmesan cheese

We could say we have reinvented eight centuries of dairy processing methods by presenting to the world, in a new, modern and appetizing way, a very well known and appreciated food.

We actually offer three categories of Pamigiano Reggiano Creams: classic, premium, and super gold, each available in a natural version, porcini mushrooms flavored or white truffle flavored. Their original savory and pleasant taste is the best to give an intense flavor to pasta, risotto or soups, as a pairing to canapés and sandwiches, or as a fondue to spread on vegetables.

We buy raw materials from the best cheese factories in Reggio Apennine’s region, where the climate and morphological characteristics create the most suitable environment for Parmigiano Reggiano’s production methods.. This way we can offer through our production processes some unique food with an unmistakable taste, perfect for true cheese lovers.